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Satya 2 Dvd

Satya works for Lahoti, a construction magnate. Gradually, he starts carrying out assassinations, gains immense power and loses his loved ones in the process.


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Satya 2 (transl. Truth 2) is a 2013 Indian crime film directed by Ram Gopal Varma. Shot simultaneously shot in Hindi and Telugu, the film stars Puneet Singh Ratn (Hindi), Sharwanand (Telugu), Anaika Soti and Mahesh Thakur. The film tells the story of Satya, an immigrant who comes to Mumbai aiming to refashion the mumbai underworld. The film is the fourth installment of the Gangster Trilogy.

Director Ram Gopal Verma hinted that Satya 2 will be his last film on the underworld and that now he wants to make romantic movies. Satya 2 was released on 28 October 2013 in U. A. E. and 8 November 2013 in India. The film received mixed reviews, Subhash K. Jha of Bollywood News stated that Ram Gopal Varma returns to form with Satya 2. Samreen Tungekar of Bolly spice has stated “Ram Gopal Verma had made it clear that Satya 2 is not a sequel to Satya, and he has evidently made no attempt of making this film look like a prequel or a sequel too. Satya 2 stands as an independent story and does well for itself as a film.” The Telugu version was dubbed in Tamil as Naanthaanda and reshot with Tamil actors.


The storyline of Satya 2 is narrated by a voice (Makrand Deshpande) about the underworld whose activities have slowed down from the last decade in Mumbai (Hyderabad in Telugu version). The story is based on Satya (Puneet Singh Ratn/Sharwanand) who comes to Mumbai and starts working for Lahoti (Mahesh Thakur), a construction magnate. In trying to beat a competitor in a deal, he gets involved with the mafia and other underworld elements who don’t have the clout anymore. Later, he kills RK who is the retired mafia leader and his son since his son wanted to kill Satya due to a feud between them. During this time, he gets his friend production money for a film and gets a flat and brings his girlfriend Chitra (Anaika Soti) to live there. He makes enemies all around and in a shootout with cops, loses his girlfriend and also his friend. But, even thought he is captured, he is able to get out of jail through the Company he creates with his connections and begins his reign as the newest underworld leader in Mumbai/Hyderabad.


Puneet Singh Ratn (Hindi) / Sharwanand as Satya Prakash “Satya” (Telugu)
Anaika Soti as Chitra
Mahesh Thakur as Lahothi (Hindi version) / Eshwar Rao (Telugu version)
Amitriyaan as Naara
Raj Premi as RK
Amal Sehrawat as TK
Ashok Samarth as Solomon
Kaushal Kapoor as Purshottam
Vikram Singh as Anna
Suresh as Subramanyam (Telugu version)
Ajay Rathnam as Sambasiva Rao “Samba”
Shanmugarajan as Police Officer (Telugu version)
Anjalie Gupta as Special (as item number)


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