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Shagird Dvd

Inspector Mohit starts working under a corrupt yet fearful Senior Police Inspector Hanumant Singh. However, their paths collide when their ideologies start differing from each other.

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Shagird (transl. Disciple) is a 2011 Indian Hindi-language action thriller film directed by Tigmanshu Dhulia starring Nana Patekar as Hanumant Singh, Mohit Ahlawat as Mohit Kumar and Rimi Sen as Varsha Mathur. The film released on 13 May 2011. Despite a positive critical reception, the film failed to perform well commercially.


The film starts with Bunty Bhaiya, who is a gangster, being arrested in Ghaziabad. In Delhi, Mohit Kumar is about to join Crime branch as a sub-inspector under Senior inspector Hanumant Singh. There he meets Singh’s team which is taking bribe from a builder and their commission from the land mafia lord who is threatening the builder’s life.

On arrival, he asks for Hanumant Singh where Rathi tells him that Hanumant Singh is not a human, he is in between human and God. He is afraid of God and Humans are afraid of Hanumant Singh.

Meanwhile, Hanumant Singh visits land mafia lord Choudhary as a Land owner from Rajasthan where he kills him and his gang members. Two of the remaining gang members escapes and hides in a house. There they are surrounded by police. Shortly a news crew arrives to lead by Varsha Mathur from Aaj Tak news channel to cover the ongoing incident. There Hanumant takes their camera and goes to the door of house where gang members are hiding. There he pretends to be a camera man from news channel and as soon as they open the door he shoots them. Later he tells the media that both were wanted terrorists. Later he is joined by his teammates and takes Mohit for a drive. On the other side of city a person comes and threatens Hanumant’s wife of killing Hanumant and his whole family if he doesn’t stop doing his mischievous activities.

Hanumant takes Mohit to a hotel and asks him how he joined Crime Branch directly and about his hobbies and personal life. He later drops him to a party and goes home. Where on arrival police informs him that gunshots were fired on his house. He tells his wife to leave India as soon as she gets her passport.

Bunty bhaiya has been transferred to Delhi jail where he is treated as a high-profile personality by jailer. In jail Bunty befriends with two terrorists of Lashkar-e-Haq. Hanumant takes Mohit to Rajmani’s (politician) birthday. There Rajmani tells him to encounter Ali tonight at his birthday party.

Before encountering Ali, he tell Hanumant of the drug deal going to take place, which Hanumant sabotages and takes money and drugs with him. In the drug deal encounter Mohit saves Hanumant’s life in nick of a time. Later Hanumant sends his wife and son to New-Zealand for their own safety. In meantime three journalist are kidnapped by terrorist who asks for release of their mates and Bunty bhaiya from tihar jail.

When government releases the three Hanumant kills the two terrorists and takes Bunty into his safe house. Its later revealed that Hanumant was actually behind the kidnapping. Meanwhile, Mohit tips Hanumant about their colleague Shamsher Rana trying to kill him on instructions of Rajmani. Alert, Hanumant in turn kills Shamsher faking it as a suicide case. Then Hanumant demands 15 crore from Rajmani for his release else he will post the video of Bunty’s confessions to media.

Hanumant is shot down, where Mohit shows his presence of mind and admits him to the hospital. In the hospital Hanumant realizes that Mohit was all along working for Rajamani. Even though Mohit is planning to eliminate Hanumant, he agrees to share his ransom money for Mohit saved his life during the drug deal encounter which genuine attempt, unlike the other attempts made to gain his confidence. Then both of them chalk out a plan to make money from Rajmani.

After increasing the deal from 15 to 25 crore by sending a video recording of Bunty with Mohit in the video (which he wasn’t aware of), Rajmani agreed on the deal and gives Mohit the money. Mohit shows up at the place as directed by Hanumant and drives off to meet him. In the end when Hanumant and Mohit divide their share of money, and part ways, not knowing there is a transponder in the case. Hanumant had some children call Rajmani Bunty’s location and they rush off to the location. Upon entering Rajmani’s car, Bunty was shot dead by Rajmani and they continue to the parliament. Not realising the reporters are watching, Rajmani is captured by the police in a road block when they saw Bunty’s dead body in the car.

Mohit is killed by Rajmani’s people after a car chase in which he kills them all too.. Later when Hanumant goes to send money to his family through Kamlesh (Veerendra Saxena), who helps him send money when he needs to, he is shot twice by Kamlesh . Kamlesh tells him that he also has a family to feed, and that he has never seen such a big amount in his whole life and that has made him disloyal. Kamlesh then shoots him a third time before walking out with the money. He then dials a number – it is shown that Mohit’s cell keeps on ringing on road where he lies dead, assuming Mohit arranged the plot, and walks off.

Hanumanth dies listening to old Hindi songs playing on the TV.


Nana Patekar as Hanumant Singh
Zakir Hussain as Rajmani Yadav
Rimi Sen as Varsha Mathur
Mohit Ahlawat as Mohit Kumar
Anurag Kashyap as Bunty Bhaiya
Sitaram Panchal as Pandit
Murali Sharma as Vijay Jindal
Vishwajeet Pradhan as Ali
Khan Jahangir Khan as Shamsher
Ashok Pandey as Inspector Shukla
Kishori Shahane as Mrs. Hanumant Singh
Shrivallabh Vyas as Mohit’s Father
Gargi Patel as Varsha’s Mother
Hrishita Bhatt as Special appearance
Kamal Malik as Rajmani’s side kick
Veerendra Saxena as Kamlesh (Money Launderer)
Rajiv Gupta as Rajbir (Police officer)


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