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Sightless Dvd

After an attack renders her blind, Ellen Ashland withdraws from the world to recover. But soon she plunges into paranoia, unable to convince anyone that her assailant has returned to terrorize her by hiding in plain sight.


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Sightless is a 2020 American psychological thriller  film written and directed by Cooper Karl, based on his 2017 short film of the same name. The film stars Madelaine Petsch and Alexander Koch


Following a brutal attack, violinist Ellen Ashland (Madelaine Petsch) is left blind. Clayton (Alexander Koch) is hired to care for her and she begins to adjust to life without her sight. One night, Ellen hears a distressed woman’s voice; she initially believes the woman is in her apartment but then realises the noise is coming through the vent. The following morning, her neighbour shows up and introduces herself as Lana.

As time goes on, Ellen grows suspicious of Lana. When she touches Lana’s face, she feels a wound with stitches and is alarmed. Lana reacts by warning Ellen to trust no one and then flees Ellen’s apartment upon the arrival of her abusive husband, Russo. Ellen contacts Detective Bryce who sends Officer Neiman to check on Lana; he confirms she is okay and does not have any recent wounds. Ellen expresses her concerns to Clayton who starts to show a romantic interest in Ellen, but when he confesses his feelings, she turns him down.


Madelaine Petsch as Ellen Ashland
Alexander Koch as Clayton
December Ensminger as Lana Latch
Lee Jones as Russo Latch
Deniz Akdeniz as Nurse Omar
Jarrod Crawford as Detective Bryce
Matthew Yang King as Doctor Katsuro
Mikandrew Perdar as Paramedic Rafferty
Samuel Gostnell as Officer Neiman


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