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Axone Dvd

Follows a group of girlfriends from Assam and Meghalaya, north-eastern states in India, gathering in the back streets of Delhi to throw a secret wedding party for a soon-to-be bride. Terrorised by their rottweiler of a landlady and with their boyfriends utterly useless as help, the group’s already disorganized plans soon go further awry. As the women cook the traditional Axone wedding stew (a pork stew with pungent local herbs), neighbors complain about its powerful smell. However, they are determined to prepare the aromatic dish. With the challenges brought on by cultural difference and the pressures of being migrants in a seemingly unfriendly city, is food and love enough to save the day?

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Axone is a 2019 Hindi-language Comedy Drama film directed by Nicholas Kharkongor and produced by Saregama India – Yoodlee Films. The film stars Sayani Gupta, Vinay Pathak, Lin Laishram, Dolly Ahluwalia, Adil Hussain, Lanuakum Ao, Tenzin Dalha and Rohan Joshi. The film follows Northeast Indian migrants in New Delhi, in their attempt to organize a wedding party. The film premiered at the London Film Festival on 2 October 2019.


Sayani Gupta as Upasana
Lin Laishram as Chanbi
Lanuakum Ao as Bendang
Tenzin Dalha as Zorem
Asenla Jamir as Minam
Merenla Imsong as Balamon
Dolly Ahluwalia as Nani
Vinay Pathak as Landlord
Rohan Joshi as Shiv
Milo Sunka as Hayna
Aakash Bhardwaj as Hironya
Deepansha Dhingra as Shiv’s Girlfriend
Jimpa Bhutia as Bunty
Vijay Kumar Dogra as Rowdy neighbour
Adil Hussain in a special appearance


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