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Khatta Meetha Dvd

Sachin Tichkule is an ambitious contractor who faces opposition from everyone, both at home and at work. But he continues to struggle while his family members continue to pocket ill-gained money.

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Khatta Meetha (transl. Sour and Sweet) is a 2010 Indian Hindi-language satirical comedy-drama film written and directed by Priyadarshan and produced by Dhilin Mehta and Twinkle Khanna under Shree Ashtavinayak Cine Vision Limited and Hari Om Entertainment.A remake of Priyadarshan’s previous Malayalam film Vellanakalude Nadu (1988), scripted by Sreenivasan, the film stars Akshay Kumar and debutante Trisha Krishnan in the lead roles, while Kulbhushan Kharbanda, Aruna Irani, Urvashi Sharma, Jaideep Ahlawat, Manoj Joshi, Milind Gunaji, Rajpal Yadav, Neeraj Vora, Vijay Maurya, Asrani and Johnny Lever feature in supporting roles. The story follows Sachin Tichkule, a struggling contractor whose failure in making peace with the corrupt bureaucracy in town as well as strained relation with his ex-girlfriend and his family leads to misadventures that deprive him of his closest relations. However, as he begins to mend his ways, justice comes knocking on his door.

Released on 23 July 2010, Khatta Meetha opened to predominantly negative reviews and poor box office collections at the time of release. However, on television, it has acquired a cult audience over the years, and has been the subject of many viral memes.


Sachin Tichkule (Akshay Kumar) is a struggling Maharashtrian contractor who dreams big but has no chance of his dreams coming true as he doesn’t have any money to bribe the bureaucracy. His family has lost faith in him, telling him to earn money through honest means. To make matters worse, the new Municipal Commissioner turns out to be his ex-girlfriend, Gehna Ganpule (Trisha), who now hates him due to his wayward ways. His brothers-in-law Trigun (Manoj Joshi), Suhas Vichare (Milind Gunaji) and his elder brother Harish (Paritosh Sand) were all responsible for a bridge collapse resulting in many fatalities, and were helped by a politician named Sanjay Rana (Jaideep Ahlawat).

After putting the blame of the mishap on their driver Vishwas Rao, (Tinu Anand) they kill him later fearing he would reveal the truth. Meanwhile, Sanjay’s lustful eyes fall on Sachin’s sister Anjali (Urvashi Sharma). Sachin warns him to keep away from Anjali and slaps him. Meanwhile, a journalist named Azad Bhagat (Makrand Deshpande) wants justice as his family was killed in that accident. Anjali marries Sanjay, unbeknownst to Sachin. When he confronts his father Ramakant Tichkule (Kulbhushan Kharbanda) as to how the marriage is finalized to an evil man without his knowledge, he reprimands Sachin, saying he has no right to say he didn’t know anything because he has no money to marry his sister off. After losing contact, Sachin learns that Anjali has been attempting to contact him and when he goes to their house one night, he is informed by the guard that they have gone out.

Sachin spots Azad escape from Sanjay’s house. He then learns of Anjali’s death because of an accident. Sachin and his parents are devastated. Sachin is suspicious and smells foul play in her death. He then meets Azad again at the Municipal office and learns of Azad’s intentions and how he had acquired strong evidence which would help in putting the people involved behind bars. They both then agree to help each other to reveal the corruption behind the faulty construction of the bridge.

Sanjay comes to know of Azad’s intentions and hires masked robbers, who kill Azad while he was on his way to court. Sachin takes the fatally injured Azad to the hospital for treatment. At the hospital, while Azad is dying in Sachin’s arms, he reveals that while he was stealing the evidence, he saw Sachin’s sister Anjali being raped by Sanjay’s friends and it’s not clear whether she was murdered by her rapists while she escaped or she committed suicide. In an attempt to make sure the evidence isn’t revealed, Sanjay steals it after robbing Azad’s house. Sachin spots Sanjay fleeing with the bag full of evidence and a fight ensues between Sanjay and Sachin. Sanjay is then killed after being run over by a bus and Sachin successfully retrieves the evidence.

Sachin’s brother and brothers-in-law are arrested and the whole family, especially Sachin’s sisters-in-law, begins belittling him, claiming he was jealous of them and unlike his successful brother Harish and brothers-in-law Trigun and Suhas, blaming him for tarnishing the family name. Sachin then argues back that their husbands are still alive behind bars where the wives can see them, while the people who have died to the bridge collapse are gone forever, and nothing can be done to bring them back, and he had to deal with the pain of losing Anjali the most, considering that his brothers-in-law had a hand in her death and were not reprimanded.

He agrees to leave, until his father stops him and realizes his honesty and trustworthiness, re-kindling their relationship, saying that he is proud of him. As he gets out of the house, Sachin spots Gehna, who tells him that she remained a spinster waiting for him, and confesses her love for Sachin and they decide to marry.


Akshay Kumar as Sachin Tichkule
Trisha as Gehna Ganpule, Municipal Commissioner
Rajpal Yadav as Rangeela
Makrand Deshpande as Azad Bhagat
Asrani as Seth Karodimal
Johnny Lever as Award Anshumaan
Milind Gunaji as Suhas Vichare, Sachin’s brother-in-law
Aruna Irani as Sheetaladevi, Sachin’s mother
Urvashi Sharma as Anjali Tichkule, Sachin’s sister
Manoj Joshi as Trigun Fatak, Sachin’s brother-in-law
Kulbhushan Kharbanda as Ramakant Tichkule, Sachin’s father
Tinu Anand as Vishwas Rao, driver
Atul Parchure as Chintan
Neeraj Vora as Mr Ganpule
Jaideep Ahlawat as Sanjay Rane
Anupam Bhattacharya as Police inspector
Paritosh Sand as Harish Tichkule, Sachin’s elder brother
Anant Jog as Ramakant’s samdhi
Swatantra Bharat as Mr Adiwarkar
Preity Pundir as Sandhya, Ganpule’s wife
Pooja Bhatt as Subhadra Tichkule, Harish’s wife
Esha as Akanksha Vichare, Suhas’s wife and Sachin’s elder sister
Geeta Vijan as Gayatri Fatak, Trigun’s wife
Ajay Shah as Ajay
Kanchan Pagare as Jadia
Sanjay Belose as Gangya
Satish as Joshi
Nitin Desai as Lawyer
Paresh Brahmabhatt as Peon
Prafull as Gopi
Nagesh Bhosle as Inspection Officer
Pradeep Vengurlekar as Vigilance Officer
Anand Ingle as Politician
Kainaat Arora as the item girl in song “Aila Re Aila”


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