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Tubelight Dvd

Laxman, a feeble young man, has no other family except his brother, Bharat. He is heartbroken when his brother is drafted into the army after a war breaks out between India and China.

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Tubelight is a 2017 Indian Hindi-language war drama film written and directed by Kabir Khan. The film is produced by Salman Khan and Kabir Khan. Set in the 1962 Sino-Indian War, it stars Salman Khan, Sohail Khan, Zhu Zhu, Matin Rey Tangu, Om Puri and Mohammed Zeeshan Ayyub. Shah Rukh Khan appears in a cameo in the film. Julius Packiam and Pritam scored the music of the film, with the former composing the film score and latter composing the songs. It is an adaptation of the 2015 American film Little Boy.

The film released on 25 June 2017. The film grossed an estimated ₹211.14 crore against a budget of ₹100 crore and received mainly mixed reviews from critics.


In pre-independence India, Laxman Singh Bisht is an odd child, bullied by Narayan and his friends, who call him “Tubelight”, although defended by his younger brother Bharat. Gandhi visits the school and teaches the children about faith, courage, and belief. India becomes independent of British rule in 1947 and Gandhi is assassinated the following year. Laxman and Bharat’s parents pass away, so they become even closer as they grow up.

In 1962, when the Chinese suddenly attack the Indian border, the Indian Army begin to recruit, so all the boys try to join up, but only Bharat is selected in the Kumaon Regiment. As the new soldiers reach the border, the Sino-Indian War breaks out between India and China.

Laxman meets the magician, Gogo Pasha(Shahrukh Khan), who chooses him to test his faith by trying to move a bottle. After several attempts he succeeds despite Narayan teasing him. Laxman tries again with Banne Chacha but fails; Banne says “Faith moves a mountain” and explains how Laxman will find his faith.

Laxman observes a Chinese woman “Le Leing” and a boy “Gu Won”. Banne Chacha gets angry when Laxman tries to inform the authorities, and advises him to follow the wisdom of Gandhi, and befriend the woman and boy. After some attempts, Laxman finally succeeds. When Bharat and soldiers try to escape but get captured, Laxman becomes heartbroken, but Leing consoles him and encourages his faith. Narayan tries to attack Gu but Laxman saves him. Narayan attempts to convince Laxman not to befriend Chinese people or he will lose Bharat forever, but Leing tells Narayan that she and Gu are not only Chinese but Indians too. As Laxman tries to explain to Narayan everything he learned from Gandhi, Narayan challenges him to move a mountain; Laxman succeeds and causes an earthquake.

He learns that 264 soldiers have been killed, so he tries again; it appears that he has succeeded as he hears that the border dispute between India and China is resolving. As the friends celebrate the end of the war, Leing’s lost father returns. After learning that fighting still continues in some areas, Laxman is grief-stricken believing that people were right about him all along and Bharat has been killed. Leing and Gu comforts him as they bid farewell to return to Calcutta. Gu, Leing, and Laxman receive the news that Bharat is still alive but has lost his memory. At the medical camp, Laxman is reunited with his brother who eventually regains his memories.


Salman Khan as Laxman Singh Bisht a.k.a. Tubelight
Sohail Khan as Bharat Singh Bisht
Om Puri as Banne Chacha
Mohammed Zeeshan Ayyub as Narayan
Yashpal Sharma as Major Rajbir Tokas
Matin Rey Tangu as Gu Won (Gu)
Zhu Zhu as Li Leing (Gu’s mother)
Brijendra Kala as Shopkeeper
Isha Talwar as Maya
Shah Rukh Khan as Magician Gogo Pasha (Cameo Appearance)


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